Members’ Statement – Carbon Monoxide

May 14, 2013

Mr. Ernie Hardeman: Earlier this month, the Yukon passed legislation that would require carbon monoxide detectors in all homes. This follows the tragic deaths last year of five people due to carbon monoxide poisoning. That legislation will save lives.

Here in Ontario, I brought forward a bill to require carbon monoxide detectors. I’ve introduced it four times. It’s passed second reading unanimously three times, it’s passed committee unanimously, but it has never been called for third reading.

It’s named the Hawkins Gignac Act after a family of four in my riding who died from carbon monoxide poisoning four years ago. We’ve been working since then to get this bill passed. Over the time we’ve been debating this bill, Ontarians have had more unnecessary tragedies. Carbon monoxide is the leading cause of accidental poisoning.

Last spring, all three parties made an agreement to move forward private members’ bills. Our party has been clear: This is one we wanted to move forward. The Premier told the fire chiefs earlier this month that it was something we needed to make happen, but her party has been dragging its feet in making it law. The third party says they support carbon monoxide detectors. Publicly they say the bill should move forward, but now they are part of the problem.

It’s time to put aside party issues. It’s time to honour our agreement. It’s time to move this bill forward to save lives. I ask all parties to commit to unanimous consent so we can finally pass the Hawkins Gignac Act and ensure all Ontarian families have the protection of a carbon monoxide detector.