October 10, 2013

Mr. Ernie Hardeman: Thank you very much, Mr. Speaker. Having said that, as I was just listening to you, happy Thanksgiving to you, sir.

I have a petition here to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario.
“Whereas the Ontario government has approved massive increases to Ontario Tire Stewardship’s eco fees for agricultural tires, increasing some fees from $15.29 to $352.80, $546.84 or $1,311.24;
“Whereas Ontario imposes tire eco fees that are dramatically higher than those in other provinces;
“Whereas other provincial governments either exempt agricultural tires from recycling programs or charge fees only up to $75;
“Whereas these new fees will result in increased costs for our farmers and lost sales for our farm equipment dealerships;
“Whereas the PC caucus has proposed a new plan that holds manufacturers and importers of tires responsible for recycling, but gives them the freedom to work with other businesses to find the best way possible to carry out that responsibility;
“We, the undersigned, petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows:
“Please suspend the decision to significantly increase Ontario Tire Stewardship’s fees on agricultural and off-the-road tires pending a thorough impact study and implementation of proposals to lower costs.”

This petition is signed by a great number of people from the great city of Woodstock in Oxford county, and I’m happy to present it on their behalf.