Statement on Local Government week

October 17, 2016

Mr. Speaker, as we begin local government week I want to rise to commend all of those in the municipal sector who work to provide the services that people rely on every day.

Across Ontario municipalities will be holding events this week to educate people on municipal government and the important role they play.

From the drinking water and roads we depend on – to the police that protect us – to the places our children play – to the planning that shapes our communities – municipal government impacts people’s lives every day.

This week is an opportunity to celebrate the thousands and thousands of people who work hard in the municipal sector to ensure that everyone can rely on those services.

It is an opportunity to celebrate the thousands of elected officials who give their time to help build strong, healthy and vibrant communities.

We recognize that municipalities are a mature level of government and an important part of our democracy.

We know they need a real partner in the provincial government – one who will listen to them and respect that each community has different needs. They need a partner that will provide the support and predictability that they need and that will work with them to reduce costs, rather than adding new burdens.

We understand the challenges in delivering all the services that people depend on and we understand that municipalities persevere because they know that their residents rely on them.

So as we celebrate local government week I want to commend our municipal sector and thank them for everything they do.

– 30 –

For more information, contact:

Ernie Hardeman, MPP Oxford

(416) 325-1239