October 16, 2017

Mr. Ernie Hardeman: This week is Local Government Week, and I’m pleased to rise today to applaud all of the mayors, councillors and employees across Ontario’s 444 municipalities and the work they do to provide services to their communities. As the critic for municipal affairs, I am proud to work with our local government partners to ensure that policies work for them and help them do their jobs effectively and efficiently.

Municipalities are a mature level of government and are an essential part of our democracy. It’s important that we work together with municipalities to deliver services by reducing the costs and burdens placed on our local governments. They need reliability and consistency from the provincial government to help them plan into the future and build thriving communities. The services we access every day are often provided by our dedicated, hard-working municipal employees. Municipalities maintain the roads we drive on, protect our neighbourhoods, provide the water we drink, and build a spirit of community through recreational programs.

I would like to thank our thousands of local elected officials and municipal employees in diverse roles, from engineering, public health and emergency services to public works, human resources and licensing. These community-minded professionals ensure that our municipalities are attractive places for residents and businesses to live, play, operate and grow.

I would like to wish all our municipalities a happy Local Government Week. But local government doesn’t just matter for one week; it matters every week.