For Immediate Release

May 17, 2016


QUEEN’S PARK – Today in the Legislature Ernie Hardeman, MPP for Oxford, told the Minister of Children and Youth Services about six-year old Lawson from Oxford being cut off IBI therapy and asked the Minister to reconsider her decision which is ending this life changing therapy.

“The Minister says that kids aren’t getting kicked off IBI – but that’s not the reality for parents in my riding,” said Hardeman during the question. “Will the Minister reverse her policy and give kids like Lawson the services they need?

The Ontario PC Caucus again used question period to share numerous stories of children with autism who have been removed from the Intensive Behaviour Intervention therapy wait list or are having their services terminated.

“Six-year old Lawson should have had his IBI assessment after six months of treatment. Instead, the government announced their new policy and he had his assessment two and half months early,” said Hardeman in the Legislature. “Just two weeks later his mother received a letter about him being transitioned off IBI.”

Laura Donkers, Lawson’s mother, has been able to get a three month extension of the IBI therapy, but that three months is almost finished. In a letter she said: “Please don’t let Kathleen Wynne leave behind a generation of children. Please I am begging you, let our children have a future and a good foundation to stand on.”

“Lawson’s mother waited six years for her son to be able to call her mom,” said Hardeman. “Now that Lawson is finally getting the treatment he needs his mother is living with fear that he will lose it– and anger at this government for taking it away.”

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For more information, contact:

Ernie Hardeman, MPP Oxford

(416) 325-1239