Government Refuses to stop landfills being forced on unwilling Hosts

QUEEN’S PARK – Yesterday afternoon Liberal members of the Legislative Committee on Social policy used their majority to vote down an amendment introduced by MPP Ernie Hardeman to prevent a landfill from being forced on an “unwilling host” municipality.

“I am disappointed that the government refused to give communities like ours a say in whether or not we will be forced to take someone else’s garbage,” said Hardeman. “Our municipality has been very clear that they do not want this landfill because they think there is a significant risk to our drinking water but the government is refusing to give them the ability to say no.”

Hardeman put forward the amendment to the Planning Act during deliberations on Bill 139 which includes reforms to the Ontario Municipal Board and the Conservation Authorities Act. The amendment was requested by Ingersoll Mayor Ted Comiskey during public hearings on the bill.

“They said they supported the idea, but that they would be voting against it because we hadn’t had enough debate and process – after cancelling two days of public hearings where we could have heard from more people about the need for this amendment,”  said Hardeman.

Lou Rinaldi, Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Municipal Affairs, spoke positively about the amendment, but indicated that all the government members would vote against it.

“While I am disappointed by the vote today I was encouraged that the government indicated their support for the idea and the presentation made by the Mayor of Ingersoll,” said Hardeman. “I will continue to push the government to give municipalities more say over whether they want a landfill in their community.”

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