WOODSTOCK –Oxford MPP Ernie Hardeman said he disapproves of Hydro One’s recent application to increase distribution rates and cause more hydro hardship.

“I am concerned that if this increase is approved the average Hydro One customer will end up paying $141 more per year,” said Hardeman “I’ve heard from people who must choose between heating their home and essentials like food. This application makes it clear that the government does not understand the impact on the people of Ontario.”

This application comes after the government was criticized for spending millions of taxpayer dollars on self-promoting advertisements about their plan to lower hydro rates.

“This increase proves that the government’s Fair Hydro Plan is only a short term fix,” Hardeman added. “It seems that the government is only interested in gaining popularity rather than working on a solid plan to improve the lives of Ontarians.”

The additional distribution costs will be phased in over the next five years with no further notification after the initial increase. Ontarians can send comments to the Ontario Energy Board regarding this application and have their say at the public hearing. The deadline to apply to be an active participant is June 14, 2017.

Earlier this week in an open letter to the Premier, Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown called on the government to stop this hydro increase as well as future ones. He asked specifically for three things: to stop these unaffordable rate hikes; rein in executive compensation that has skyrocketed electricity bills; and for the government to stop signing even more unneeded power contracts.

“Ontarians were promised a reduction to their bills only to find out that another increase is coming their way,” Hardeman concluded. “We know people are struggling with their high hydro bills and we need the government to take real action and address the causes of increasing hydro rates in order to help the people of Ontario.”

More information at: http://www.hydroone.com/RegulatoryAffairs/Documents/OEB_Notice_to_Hydro_One_Networks_Customers_May_2017_ENGLISH.pdf

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Ernie Hardeman, MPP Oxford

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