Landfill Issues Demand Attention at Queen’s Park

QUEEN’S PARK-Landfills and giving municipalities the authority to approve their locations dominated the Legislature yesterday with questions, petitions, debate, and a demonstration by Oxford residents.

“We showed the importance of the landfill issue by repeatedly raising it in the Legislature and by demonstrating our concerns yesterday,” Hardeman said. “From demonstrations to questions, we will continue to demand the right for landfill approval.”

Ernie Hardeman, MPP Oxford asked the Minister of Municipal Affairs to support his Bill 16 Respecting Municipal Authority Over Landfills Act.

“Municipalities aren’t given a say, despite the significant impact landfills have on communities,” said Hardeman. “Will the Minister support my bill giving municipalities the authority to have a say or will he continue to deny them that right?” The question was passed off to the Minister of Environment who avoided answering it directly.

MPP Steve Clark also questioned the government on landfills, asking why a 20-year-old environmental approval is being used to allow a landfill in Edwardsburgh/Cardinal. Again, the government dodged the question.

Meanwhile, outside the Legislature, Demand the Right protesters from Oxford gathered with signs and chants, protesting the proposed landfill. Hardeman and many other MPPs who support the bill joined the demonstrators.

“I commend everyone who came for making the trip to Queen’s Park and delivering this message,” said Hardeman. “Thank you for taking the time to raise our concerns.”

At the end of the rally, Hardeman was presented with a large box filled with petitions signed by hundreds of concerned citizens who demand the right for landfill approval.

Earlier in the day, Hardeman also raised concerns over proposed landfill sites while speaking to the budget motion and pointed out that municipalities from across Ontario have passed resolutions demanding authority over landfill locations.



For more information, contact:

Ernie Hardeman, MPP Oxford

(416) 325-1239