Letter from Ernie Hardeman to Glen Murray re air monitoring data

Hon. Glen R Murray
Minister of Environment and Climate Change
Ferguson Block, 11th Flr
77 Wellesley St W
Toronto, ON M7A2T5 

Dear Minister Murray, 

Thank you for providing the air quality data for the Beachville area since August 2013. We are appreciative of the fact that the Ministry of Environment has increased air monitoring in the area. 

As you know, last night there was a public meeting in Beachville to discuss the proposed work plan for the Beachville area air-shed study. During the meeting there was considerable concern about the fact that no air monitoring data has been released for the period between the 2003 report and the time that monitoring was improved in 2013. 

As you will recall I have asked your Ministry for this information three times and followed up with you in the Legislature. I am writing to ensure that this additional data will be forthcoming.

I understand that during this period some of the data may have been gathered by third parties. However, your Ministry continued to be responsible for monitoring to ensure sufficient information was provided, as well as analyzing the data. We are concerned about indications that there may be gaps in the monitoring data. If this is the case, can you please provide an explanation for the gaps and outline what steps your Ministry took to address the problem.

Minister, even if the data is not complete I believe that the people who live and work in this area deserve to see the air quality results and to know what monitoring was done.

I appreciate that you have indicated a willingness to work with us on this issue. I look forward to receiving the rest of the data and working with you to ensure good air quality in the Beachville area.


Ernie Hardeman, MPP