Liberals Spend On

QUEEN’S PARK –Ernie Hardeman, Oxford MPP and PC Critic for Agriculture and Food, said that today’s Fall Economic Statement shows the Liberal government still doesn’t have a real plan to balance the budget and get Ontario’s finances back on track.

“In today’s speech, the Minister of Finance reported that revenues are lower than expected, detailed new spending and then tried to tell Ontarians that they are still on track to balance the budget as projected – it simply isn’t believable,” said Hardeman.

During the Fall Economic Statement Finance Minister Sousa reported that Ontario’s revenues are over $5 billion lower than projected, since the 2010 Budget. Sousa also announced new spending.

“It’s clear that even the government isn’t confident their plan adds up,” said Hardeman. “During today’s statement Sousa started making excuses and hinting that they may not meet ‘short-term targets’.”

Earlier this week Hardeman questioned Premier Wynne about the government’s estimated wage freeze savings and pointed out that salaries and benefits at OMAFRA, the Ministry under Wynne’s direct control, had risen more than 4% this year.

“Claiming they are saving money through a wage freeze and then increasing salaries by more than 4% is typical of this government’s approach to finances,” said Hardeman. “I’ve heard from constituents clearly that they are tired of government waste and excessive spending. If we want to be able to afford priority services in the future we need a government with a real plan to balance the budget and create jobs.”

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