Ontario Gives Municipalities Say Over Landfill Locations

WOODSTOCK – Ernie Hardeman, MPP for Oxford welcomed the passing of Bill 197, the COVID-19 Economic Recovery Act which will allow municipalities a say in the future placement of landfill sites.

The COVID-19 Economic Recovery Act was voted through third reading in the Legislature on Tuesday, July 21. This legislation provides municipalities real say by requiring their support for new landfills to receive approval through the environmental assessment process. This is part of a larger plan to modernize the environmental assessment process and fulfills a direct commitment made in 2018.

“It’s been a long time coming, but we’re very pleased what I previously introduced as a private members bill is included in Bill 197 and is becoming law,” said Hardeman. “This bill will give municipalities the right to say yes or no to landfills in or near their communities.”

Among the many benefits of the COVID-19 Economic Recovery Act is the modernization of Ontario’s environmental assessment program. The Act also requires landfill developers to submit a municipal resolution of support from the host municipality along with every municipality with residential areas within 3.5 kilometers of the site during the application process.


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