Ontario PCs Launch survey to Strengthen Food Processing Industry

WOODSTOCK- Today Ernie Hardeman, Oxford MPP and PC Critic for Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, launched a survey of Ontario’s food processors to identify the steps that should be taken to strengthen Ontario’s food processing industry and keep it competitive.

“Ontario’s economy relies on the food and beverage processing industry as one of its largest manufacturing sectors,” said Hardeman. “Ontario food processors are the largest purchaser of Ontario’s agriculture products, buying 65%, so it’s important that these sectors are both strong and working effectively together to succeed.”

With the results from this survey and Hardeman’s summer survey of the agriculture industry, the Ontario PC Caucus will continue to hold the current government to account and develop policy proposals to strengthen the province’s agriculture, food and beverage industries.

“There are over 3,000 food processors in Ontario who have a combined economic impact of $39 billion and employ 120,000 people. This includes large manufacturers as well as local abattoirs, bakeries and wineries,” said Hardeman “We need to ensure that government policies allow our food manufacturers to be successful here at home and allow them to compete around the world.”

Hardeman is inviting food and beverage processors and packagers to participate in the survey to share their concerns and expertise. Those who wish to participate in this online survey can visit www.ErnieHardemanMPP.com/processors. To request a copy please call 416-325-1239 or e-mail ernie.hardeman@pc.ola.org.

The survey asks about government red tape, challenges with recruiting and retaining employees, barriers to using Ontario products and the best incentives to produce healthier food.

“Food processing is the second largest manufacturing sector in Ontario. If we want to solve the challenges that our provincial economy is facing and help the 600,000 Ontarians without jobs, we need to work with this sector and look at how we can help them succeed,” said Hardeman.

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For more information, contact:
Ernie Hardeman, MPP Oxford
(416) 325-1239