Open letter to Premier McGuinty

October 19, 2012

Hon. Dalton McGuinty
Premier of Ontario
Room 281, Main Legislative Building
Toronto, ON M7A 1A8

Dear Premier,

I am writing to ask you to recall the Ontario Legislature as soon as possible so that MPPs can continue to work and represent their constituents as the people of Ontario expect.

We have many important issues that need to be dealt with –government spending, jobs, the economy and energy costs, as well as continuing investigation of the gas plant relocation decision and costs. The people ofOntario should not have to wait for the Legislature to sit while one party holds a leadership.

As you know only the governing party has the ability to recall the Legislature. Our Leader, Tim Hudak, has already expressed our desire to get back to work in the legislature. I want to repeat his request and ask you to reconsider your decision and call the house back as quickly as possible.

While we may disagree on a number of issues I understand the sacrifices that public service takes and I can only imagine how much more is demanded of you as Premier. I understand your decision to retire, however it is not necessary to prorogue the Legislature until a successor is chosen. As you will recall in 2001 when Premier Mike Harris announced his resignation as party leader the Legislature continued to sit while the leadership took place.

I hope that you will respect our duty to the people of Ontario and recall the Legislature.


Ernie Hardeman, MPP