Oxford Business Hit with over $350,000 in government charges on hydro bill

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March 20, 2017

Oxford Business Hit with over $350,000 in government charges on hydro bill

QUEEN’S PARK –Today in the Ontario Legislature MPP Ernie Hardeman questioned the Premier about the high hydro costs that Oxford business such as Vuteq are facing.

“Vuteq, one of the largest employers in my riding, said that on a single bill the charge for the electricity they used was about $38,000, but when you add on this government’s global adjustment and other charges the final monthly bill was $385,000,” said Hardeman during the question. “Can the Premier explain why this major employer is paying more than $350,000 or 90% of their bill for extra charges?”

Neither the Premier nor the Minister of Energy to whom she referred the question was able to provide an explanation.

Hardeman pointed out that the government’s recent announcement on hydro costs will not provide any assistance for Vuteq as they operate 24 hours a day and cannot shift their usage.

“In the past few months it has been announced that Oxford is losing 1,000 jobs – and this government’s hydro rates for businesses are putting more at risk,” said Hardeman. “And yet the government’s hydro announcement does nothing to help the major businesses we have left, like Vuteq.”

One of the biggest concerns that Oxford businesses raised during Hardeman’s annual business survey earlier this year was the increasing cost of hydro.

“What does the Premier have to say to all the people in Oxford who are worried that their job will be the next to disappear because of her government’s policies?” asked Hardeman.

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