QUEEN’S PARK –Ernie Hardeman, Oxford MPP, said that today’s throne speech failed to address the issues that have driven up the cost of hydro in Ontario to the highest level in North America.

“I’m pleased that the premier has finally acknowledged that the people of Ontario are struggling to pay their hydro bills, but today’s speech shows that she still doesn’t really understand,” said Hardeman. “Once again the Liberals have proposed a band-aid solution that doesn’t actually address the problems that are causing hydro rates to increase.”

Over the last year peak hydro rates have increased from 16.1 cents/kWh to 18 cents/kWh – an increase of approximately 12%. This summer it was confirmed that Ontario has the highest residential hydro rates in North America.

“Today Wynne announced an 8% rebate which only covers about two-thirds of the increase we saw in the last year,” said Hardeman. “The people of Ontario need a real solution which will deal with Ontario’s high hydro rates and stop them from increasing.”

Hardeman said that he had been looking for a commitment in the throne speech that the government would stop signing contracts at above market rates for power that Ontario doesn’t need.

“There was nothing in today’s throne speech that acknowledged the mistakes the government has made or committed to take a different approach in the future,” said Hardeman. “This announcement is clearly just a public relations exercise because it hasn’t been costed, won’t have a significant impact for families and doesn’t actually solve the problem of our hydro rates increasing.”

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