WOODSTOCK – Today the government prorogued the Legislature, killing the private members bill introduced by Ernie Hardeman, Oxford MPP, to stop the misuse of social housing money by the rogue Housing Services Corporation (HSC).

“Millions of dollars intended for social housing have been wasted or misused, but instead of taking action this government stalled for 16 months and then killed the bill that would have addressed the problem,” said Hardeman. “Despite the more than 171,000 families on the waiting list for social housing the government killed the bill to stop housing money going to business class flights, luxury vacations and expensive meals.”

Hardeman’s private members bill, the Housing Services Corporation Accountability Act was lost today when the government prorogued the Legislature. The bill passed second reading unanimously 16 months ago, but since then the government refused to call it forward to committee.

Some of the misspending at HSC included:

  • Many trips to Europe, including a trip to England where the CEO flew home for two days to attend a party and then returned to England;
  • World travel, including trips to California, Australia and a seven-day luxury vacation package in South Africa; and
  • Expensing lavish meals including bottles of wine and $8 water.

“Not only did Housing Services Corporation spent money on world travel and lavish lifestyles, but many housing providers have said that buying through HSC was actually costing them more than if they bought natural gas and insurance directly,” said Hardeman. “Passing this bill would have allowed housing providers to save millions of dollars.”

Hardeman’s bill would have allowed the Auditor General to review HSC’s expenses and require salaries to be posted on the sunshine list. The bill would also allow housing providers to purchase natural gas and insurance at the best price rather than being forced to buy through HSC. Oxford County estimated that they could save about $100,000 a year if they weren’t forced to buy from HSC.

“Every dollar that Housing Services Corporation spends is a public dollar that was intended to go to social housing,” said Hardeman. “I will continue to fight to ensure that these taxpayers dollars are spent wisely and go to help people in need instead of lavish lifestyles for the executives at Housing Services Corporation.”

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For more information, contact:

Ernie Hardeman, MPP Oxford

(416) 325-1239