Wynne says Food an “administrative Glitch”

“There was an administrative glitch in the swearing-in”
Kathleen Wynne, February 25, 2013

QUEEN’S PARK – Today in the Ontario Legislature Premier Wynne called her failure to include Food in her first cabinet and her secret swearing in an “administrative glitch”.

“Someone who wants to serve as our agriculture and food Minister and claims to have an interest in the industry should know enough to include food in their oath regardless,” said Ernie Hardeman, Oxford MPP and PC Critic for Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. “Calling it an administrative glitch is an attempt to transfer responsibility to staff, but only one person took that oath and she should also take responsibility.”

Before Wynne the Ministry had included both Agriculture and Food for almost 47 years, since May 18, 1966.

“Describing the failure to assign responsibility for “food” as merely an administrative glitch is insulting to people who work in agriculture and food industries,” said Hardeman “Today the Minister had the opportunity to apologize and take responsibility for forgetting about food, she did neither.”

On February 11, 2013 Premier Wynne was sworn in as “…as Premier and president of the council and Minister of Agriculture of the province of Ontario…”. Three days later she had to be sworn in again during a secret ceremony to add “food” to her title.

“Agriculture and Food deserve respect for their contributions to our province and they deserve a Minister who has the time to do the job properly,” said Hardeman. “Not a Minister who forgets about food unless it’s written on the paper in front of her.”

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